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Dice Set Wall Art

Dice Set Wall Art

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Primary color
****This wall art is made of PLA PLASTIC, an environmentally friendly, food-grade plastic.****

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7 inches includes: (1) 7in D4, (1) 7in D6, (1) 7in D8, (2) 7in D10, (1) 7in D12, (1) 7in D20

11 inches includes: (1) 11in D4, (1) 11in D6, (1) 11in D8, (2) 11in D10, (1) 11in D12, (1) 11in D20

A cute addition to any wall in your home or office. 3D Printed and Made in the USA.

3D Printed using PLA / PETG non-toxic food-grade plastic.
3D Printed with .4mm extrusion for finer resolution and layer adhesion.

Small: 7"
Large: 11"
*Size measured at largest dimension*
Depth: .2"

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments! For similar items check out our other shop listings!

Hanging Hardware NOT INCLUDED***



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